Territory Optimisation

Field team efficiency is dependent upon a wide range of factors and getting optimised territory boundaries is crucial. ROI has been working with 20 brands over the last ten years and we understand the difficult balance for brands as Field teams change and the corresponding difficulty with home location vs. client disruption.

Therefore in 2014 ROI invested in Geo-mapping software that allows us to look at modelling the impact of various changes for both field team and SME Retailer programmes. We have now used the software with a number of brands, the latest being BMW UK.

evaluating_sales_team_locationsChanges in the field team led to a project for ROI where we advised on matching the customers and prospect opportunities against the current field team structure and what various changes might mean when potential new personnel where considered. We were able to rapidly produce ‘impact charts’ showing how many customers might be affected by territory change and analyse the average drive times for a field team person over the course of one year.

Our recommendations were adopted by BMW UK and now the Field Team are working to this new territory structure.