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‘Culture’ can describe many things.

At ROI, it means our people. From the latest recruit, smiling because she’s just made her first sale, to the Business Development Executive who initially came for a stop-gap, but ended up staying for years.

We want our staff to enjoy working here.

It’s not just about being in a comfortable environment with breakout areas so you can switch off and socialise. It’s more than developing new skills and having the opportunity to grow. We want our team to feel recognised, and to be rewarded. That’s why we have our own ‘Oscars’ and have performance-related pay schemes that allow people to earn up to 20% bonuses.

We encourage you to express yourself, to let your hair down, to take part in themed events. It’s one of the reasons why our employee retention rate is the best in the sector, and why people actively seek us out as a great place to start their career.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie

At ROI, we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously too. It’s a vital part of our business strategy and is delivered by all staff.


  • Investing heavily in the development of our staff, and helping to create better working terms and conditions
  • Contributing to the overall well-being and economic health of the communities we serve
  • Committing to good environmental practices and sustainability throughout the company
  • Supporting various charities through attending and contributing to their fundraising events.

Investor in People Accreditation
Based on 25 years of leading practice, the Investors in People standard is underpinned by a rigorous assessment methodology and a framework which reflects the very latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry. ROI first achieved the IiP status in 2009. We were successfully reassessed in 2012; evidence that focusing on people has resulted in 2014 in winning Cheshire Large Business of the Year, following the year before being a “One to Watch” company by the Times Newspaper. Our second assessment will take place at the end of the month which will culminates in a company-wide report. The report will provide an insight to our strengths and opportunities as a people-focused company and provide an understanding of how our growth since the last assessment has impacted on our culture.
Large Size Business Award
Won Chamber of Commerce - Large Sized Business Award. After previously winning the small Business Award we were proud to achieve the medium at the first attempt
Largest Fleet Business Centre
image001 UK's Largest Fleet Business Centre opens for VW Group fleet services. ROI's first operation outside of Nantwich head office, based in Milton Keynes.
The Times Awards
imagesThe Times Awards - Best Companies - One to Watch. The UK's most respected newspapers awards us for our growth and entreprenuerial spirit
Direct Marketing Association Membership
download (1)We rely upon the expert help from the DMA in ensuring our clients data protection, procedures and understanding of the best contact methodolgies are employed in all our projects and campaigns
ISO 9001 Accreditation
Process consistency is a key factor in delivering a service that helps keep our clients. by identifying our key processes we are able to analyse and improve as well as maintain.
First Manufacturer Contract
omfqDLRhCmYGRJ2k6OvMEAEWMSNIK8tztHnb6tgu8lY Honda UK Fleet department appoints Roi to outsource a number of key back office and prospecting functions
Company Benefits
lSwHv0R06QyfxlA-RKR8MjxmskNK6dkI_FicKuTpeVU Private medical insurance, cash-back health scheme and an £500 allowance for health & wellbeing to all staff. High performing great people are difficult to find, keeping them motivated and healthy is a strategic business objective.
Company Established in Nantwich
7rWyAcVdSPgwn09TFaokszX4hNBBXY8iDYIUJxVr3xoSpecialising in the automotive sector Roi was opened and focussed upon generating quality sales leads for car dealerships.