Demand Generation

We are channel neutral, using the right method and message at the right time: Voice, Social, Direct mail, Web chat or email



Appointment setting is one important facet of ROI’s services and is a powerful tool in the armoury. We are often focussed upon it’s use in the prospecting or ‘customer acquisition’ part of the relationship process. It is of course only one of a number of channels and methods that can be used and ROI runs campaigns and programmes that interacts with customers at all of the lifecycle stages

We have integrated a comprehensive and flexible marketing platform to our CRM systems that allows us to create campaigns across multiple communication channels or to trigger activity based around business rules built within the brands specific CRM.

Templates can be set up in advance that are brand compliant for either manufacturers or indeed dealer specific so that implementation of new communications is swift and simple.

The integration with the CRM database means that any communication can be targeted at a precise number of people or companies, tracked and inbound enquiries handled by trained brand agents.