ROI manages Global Fleet Sales training event in Sweden

ROI created a Business support centre in 2015 for the Global Fleet sales team in Sweden, managing a variety of tasks and processes to ensure that Volvo’s Sales team are as effective as possible in dealing with the world’s largest fleet operators.

volvo trainingAn area that we felt could be improved was ensuring all of useful technical and sales information about the recently launched 90 series cars was packaged into a concise guide and that everyone who had contact with the customer had the best training and knowledge on new product. A difficult task when the sales team is spread over 10 countries.

Paul Black, part of ROI’s Global Fleet support team for Volvo, devised and managed a training event to disseminate Volvo’s strategy and technical expertise about the 90 series cars to Volvo’s team of sales people working round the globe. 20 Fleet sales team members had the chance to explore the Volvo S/V90 in detail, including the presentations from senior managers on the commercial background, product highlights and connectivity, as well as driving these innovative new cars in different conditions.