Honda uses new ROI web based solution : ‘Drive’

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As part of Honda UK’s restructure and optimisation of its approach to Fleet and the SME sector, they have analysed how best to optimise their demonstrator vehicles across the UK Retailer network.

ROI had already built a new online ‘live’ test-drive booking system for both fleet and retail consumer bookings and after consultation with Honda UK, we have modified it to create the ‘Platinum Demo System’. This allows Honda UK to understand demonstrator vehicle usage by retailer, fleet company and driver across approximately 200 dealers.


The system has been developed with a modern clean icon-based user interface, so it requires minimal training for Retailers to understand how to use it. ROI also runs the Retailer support line with telephone and web chat support and the system offers live reporting, geographic mapping and allows Honda UK to manage an incentive programme for the network.