Field Sales Mobile Tool Launched ‘Engage’


How does your sales team know when the perfect moment arrives to create a sales appointment ?

B2B Field based salespeople in the automotive sector typically have to manage between 150 – 300 company contacts which is challenging, even for the most organised of people. They often get little or no help from a conventional CRM system in proactively helping to determine the best time to see a prospect or opportunity, or in presenting this in real time to them on the device they use most – their mobile or tablet.   Most sales people simply look at the latest date input into the CRM system as a reminder, or go through their contact list to establish visit dates.

ROI’s new sales support tool, Engage gives the field team a “Reason to Call – R2C” based upon automatic interrogation and intelligent assessment of any status change or activities recorded in the CRM from a range of marketing or other sources. e.g. opened an email, attended an event, ordered product, near to a decision due date such as terms renewal, etc.  R2C scores and ranks all of these sources to deliver the top priority customers to contact today.

Lloyd Stretton, ROI IT Director said, “Our clients wanted us to help solve three problems: How do we give the sales team the ‘triggers’ or information in the most timely and simple way to help make the appointment?  How do we make it easy for the sales team to update the CRM database to make future contact easier and more accurate? How do we reduce the admin for our sales teams, freeing them up to sell more?

We took these challenges away, and discovered that while the traditional CRM platform is great for desk based activities and for storing huge amounts of information, they are unwieldy in allowing a sales person to access this information, simply and easily. Engage R2C was developed specifically for use ‘on the road’. Accessed through phone or tablet, the sales person is easy able to manage their diary, change or update customer details, create actions going forward such as: invite customers to events, re-qualify data, set up demos and update terms. Because it is input directly into the system, in real time, there are fewer errors and issues are actioned faster”.

For more information and a ‘hands on’ demonstration of Engage’s capabilities, contact Lloyd Stretton or Simon Fretwell on 0870 4605474